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Understanding Pain

Pain can be a nuisance, yet it acts as a vital warning signal to alert your body that something isn’t right. If you identify where and why you’re experiencing pain, you can find relief.

Acute Versus Chronic Pain

Acute pain is experienced as a sudden onset that you may feel from an illness, injury or surgery; chronic pain is persistent and lasts for months or even years. No matter what pain you suffer from, you don’t have to let it get in the way of experiencing joy.

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About Pain

Pain is as unpleasant as it is vital, acting as a warning signal. It’s often the result of damaged tissue, which leads to inflammation. See how you can find relief and move freely again.

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The Impact of Pain Around the World

Our global survey takes a look into the impact that physical pain has on people’s lives globally. See how pain impacts nearly everyone.

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Let’s Get You Moving

Join us to find out how Voltaren can give you arthritis pain relief, and receive unique arthritis tips designed to get you moving again.

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relieving Gel Package
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Feel the Joy of Movement

Voltaren targets pain directly at the source to deliver nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for powerful arthritis pain relief.