Powerful Arthritis Pain Relief in a Gel 

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is the first full prescription strength, clinically-proven nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory gel, now available over-the-counter with a proven safety profile. 

Use as directed.

Voltaren Arthritis Pain Relieving Gel Package

The joy of movement

Clinically proven to:

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Relieve joint pain
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Improve mobility
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Reduce stiffness
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The First Arthritis-Friendly Website, Designed for You

To make this website easier to use, we developed arthritis-friendly controls and features, including voice search and chat options. It’s been tested by real arthritis patients like you.


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Thanks to Voltaren,

I’m dancing like

there’s no tomorrow”

Paula Abdul | Voltaren User

VO: I’m a performer.

Text: Voltaren Arthritis Pain

Text: Paula Abdul 1989

VO: Always have been.

VO: And always will be.

Text: Paula Abdul 2020

VO: Never letting anything get in my way.

VO: Not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head.

VO: And certainly not arthritis.

VO: Voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.

Text: Voltaren Arthritis Pain

VO: And it can help you too.

VO: Feel the joy of movement with Voltaren.

Text: Feel the joy of movement.

Text: Use as directed.

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Understanding Pain, Painlessly

In a recent international survey conducted by GSK, we found that 86% of people have experienced body pain in their lifetime. Find out about the types of pain you might be experiencing, so you can get back to moving. 

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