Exercises for Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief

When you experience joint pain due to arthritis, exercise may be the last thing you want to do. But introducing a few low-impact exercises into your routine can help strengthen the muscles around your achy joints. Adding Voltaren to your routine can help make waking up less painful so you can enjoy more active days from the start.

Where Do You Feel Pain in the Body?

Arthritis pain can occur in many different body parts, including your wrists, hands, knees, elbows, ankles, or feet. While it may be easy to rest these areas when they start feeling achy, you should actually do the opposite. Targeted exercises can help strengthen the muscles around your painful joints, which over time can reduce and even help eliminate the pain.

If you suffer from arthritis in one or more of these areas, read on for exercises that can help you find relief. 

Person holding wrist in pain

Wrist Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Whether you spend lots of time typing on a computer or just overusing your hands to express yourself, your wrists can get inflamed. Try these exercises to help ease the pain.


Woman and man stretching clasped hand forward

Hand Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hand pain is common, especially if you have osteoarthritis. Learn how you can activate the joints in your hands and fingers to find relief with these easy, expert-approved techniques.


Person holding knee in pain

Knee Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Knee pain from arthritis can make walking up the stairs or even just standing up painful. Give these exercises from an industry-leading doctor a go to help strengthen your knees.


Woman stretching left arm across body

Elbow Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis pain that affects your elbows tends to limit your mobility. Explore a variety of resistance-band exercises to help ease the discomfort and improve your range of motion.


Hand grasping ankle

Ankle Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief

Since ankles support your entire body, it’s an area where you don’t want to feel pain. Try these daily osteoarthritis ankle exercises so that you can be as active as possible!


Two women in a seated leg stretch exercise

Foot Exercises for Arthritis Relief

Don’t let foot pain keep you from living an active life. Instead, give these exercises a try. They’ll help you get back on your feet in no time!


Woman sitting and resting on an exercise ball while drinking water.

5 Ab Workouts You Can Do from Home

Explore five easy ab workouts you can do at home from Voltaren. Try exercise and ab workouts at home to help with your arthritis joint pain.


Man in his mid-thirties doing hamstring stretches on a blue yoga mat

How to Get Fit at Home Without Gym Equipment

Learn how to get and stay fit at home without gym equipment with tips from Voltaren. Getting in shape without a gym or equipment is possible.


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