How to Manage and Live With Arthritis Pain

You know what it feels like, but it’s invisible to others. You may have even stopped doing certain activities to avoid experiencing pain. Let’s put an end to that – seize the day and get back to the joy of movement.​

Managing Arthritis Pain

Depending on the type of pain you suffer from, you can take specific steps to help decrease the negative impact it may have on your well-being. Living with arthritis can cause you to avoid certain physical activities like running or dancing, which may lead you to socialize less. Take on your day and find joy in movement again with Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, which penetrates deep to target arthritis pain at the source.

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How to Relieve Arthritis Pain

You can take control of symptoms in a few ways: by exercising daily, eating healthy, and using hot or cold packs. Taking these lifestyle tips into consideration can help make life a little easier.


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Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief

Alongside leading an active lifestyle, you may find some arthritis pain relief with natural treatments. Here are some natural remedies that are worth a try!


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Stress and Arthritis

Wouldn’t it be nice if life wasn’t stressful? Learn about the direct correlation between stress and arthritis.


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The First Arthritis-Friendly Website, Designed for You

To make this website easier to use, we developed arthritis-friendly controls and features. It’s been tested by real arthritis patients like you.


‘Acts of Care’ On Display

In the United States, there are an estimated 53 million unpaid family caregivers. Many see this role as something they "just" do. Voltaren is helping caregivers see their true value and prioritize their own health and well-being.

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Use Your Head to Navigate Websites

Learn how to activate head gesture features on your smartphone or tablet with our step-by-step tutorial.


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The Effects of Aging on the Body

Just because your body is aging, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel young! Learn the effects of aging on the body and what exactly you can do about it.


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Exercises for Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief

Getting some exercise is one of the best natural ways to prevent and treat arthritis—especially if it’s low impact. See what exercises you could easily bring into your daily routine.


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How to Manage Your Arthritis

Even the smallest amount of pain or stiffness can worsen if left untreated. There’s no magic solution to managing arthritis, but with the right treatments, it’s possible to make it feel better.


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How to Relieve Wrist Pain

Learn how to relieve arthritis wrist pain with tips and tricks. Discover stretching, exercise and other solutions for wrist pain relief.


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How to Relieve Joint Pain

Get joint pain relief to soothe your aches and pains. Find out how to relieve joint pain caused by arthritis.




Is Arthritis Hereditary

Learn if arthritis and osteoarthritis are hereditary in this article from Voltaren. Explore how to relieve arthritis pain through a variety of methods.


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Tips on Developing a Routine for Morning Arthritis Relief

Build a morning routine for arthritis relief. Discover what’s causing your stiff joints in the morning and how to reduce symptoms.



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How to Manage Pain While Traveling

Leave pain off your packing list with strategies and solutions for arthritis pain management while traveling.


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Arthritis Diet: Foods to Help Arthritis

Find out how an arthritis diet can help your inflammation and arthritis pain. Discover anti-inflammatory foods to help arthritis.  


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Exercises for Lower Back Arthritis

Find low-intensity lower back exercises to soothe your arthritis symptoms. Incorporate stretches and yoga poses into your routine with this guide from Voltaren.


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Yoga for Arthritis: Poses for Physical Comfort

Learn how yoga can help relieve your osteoarthritis pain with this article from Voltaren. Explore five yoga poses that can help your knees, ankles, feet and more.



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