Is Arthritis Hereditary?

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Arthritis, or joint inflammation, is a term that encompasses more than 100 different types of arthritis diseases.i Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis.iii Also known as “wear and tear” arthritis, OA occurs when the cartilage on a joint breaks down and the bone changes.iv This can cause swelling, pain, and difficulty moving the joint.

As common as it is, you may be wondering if arthritis is hereditary. A variety of risk factors can contribute to a disease like arthritis; some risk factors are lifestyle-based, while others simply cannot be avoided. Doctors and researchers are still working to learn about the role of genetics in arthritis.

Is Osteoarthritis Hereditary?

People who have family members with it are more likely to develop Researchers have recently discovered multiple genes that contribute to osteoarthritis. Between 40 to 65% of instances of osteoarthritis have a genetic component.

Some other risk factors for OA include:ix

  • Joint injury and overuse. Repeated blows or other trauma to the joint can cause damage and lead to OA.
  • Age. The older you get, the more likely you are to get OA.
  • Gender. Women are more likely to develop OA than men.
  • Weight. Being overweight or obese can put added stress on the joints such as the hips and knees, which can lead to OA.

How to Treat Arthritis

While there is no cure for arthritis, you can relieve the pain of arthritis of your joints through a variety of methods.xi These options include:xii

  • Over the counter analgesics. There are several OTC analgesics that can help fight arthritis pain. They include acetaminophen and oral NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Another option is Voltaren Arthritis pain, a topical NSAID that can be applied to the skin at the site of pain.*
  • Hot compresses and ice packs. Applying moist heat, such as a warm bath—may relieve pain.** Swelling and pain may reduce with the use of cold packs.
  • Braces or splints. Rest the joint through immobilization to help prevent further injury.
  • Massage. Increase blood flow and warmth to the muscles surrounding the joint.
  • Other home remedies for arthritis. Learning how to live with arthritis is important, since there is no cure for it.

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**Voltaren gel should not be applied with external heat such as heating pad

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