Can Dietary Supplements Support Strong Bones?

There are many ways to support strong bones, from the diet you eat to regular exercise.1 Dietary supplements can be part of your bone-support routine, too.1,2 Learn more about which dietary supplements to take for bone strength and how they work.

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Dietary Supplements for Bone Strength

If bone strength is a concern for you, there are two nutrients that are commonly used as dietary supplements for strong bones: calcium and vitamin D.1,2 These nutrients are great at building strong bones and keeping your bones strong when taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise.1


Calcium is a mineral whose primary functions are building bones and keeping them healthy, and it also helps support many other body functions.1 Most of the calcium in our bodies is found within our bones and teeth. Our bodies lose calcium every day through sweat, skin, hair and nails, which is why it’s important to support healthy calcium intake.1 But if the body doesn’t get enough calcium from our diet, it will absorb calcium from our bones, which can cause them to weaken over time.1

Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids the body in its absorption of calcium and supports muscles.1 Children need vitamin D to build strong bones, and adults need it to keep their bones strong and healthy.1 Since vitamin D is found in very few foods, many people, especially those who spend little time outdoors, may need to take dietary supplements.1

Should I Take Dietary Supplements to Support Bone Strength?

Calcium and Vitamin D support bone strength and can be useful dietary supplements.1,2 Before starting any dietary supplement, though, it’s important to talk to your healthcare provider about your specific needs. Also, if you add a vitamin D supplement into your bone health regimen, check to see if any dietary supplements or multivitamins you’re currently taking already contain it. Because it’s needed for calcium absorption, many calcium supplements also contain vitamin D.1 Think about your diet and see if you can add in foods that contain vitamin D and calcium.

In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, dietary supplements can help you stay healthy and active. For more ways to support your body, visit the Dietary Supplements from Voltaren product page.

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