How Dietary Supplements Can Support Mobility & Flexibility of Healthy Joints

A little flexibility can make a big difference in quality of life. If you’re looking to support the mobility and flexibility of healthy joints, dietary supplements could be a valuable addition to your regimen (as long as your healthcare provider agrees).1 Learn about several dietary supplements for flexibility and movement support that may be worth trying.

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Types of Dietary Supplements for Flexibility and Mobility Support

Many dietary supplements may be useful for mobility and flexibility support for healthy joints:1


Glucosamine is a natural compound that makes up cartilage, the tissue that cushions our joints.2 In scientific studies, supplementation of glucosamine has shown to help support healthy joints by inhibiting collagen degradation.1,3 As an essential component of synovial fluid, mucus membranes, and cartilage, it is a useful dietary supplement that can help support healthy joints.2Therefore, it may be a useful supplement to include in your daily routine for healthy joints.


Like glucosamine, chondroitin naturally occurs in people as a component of cartilage.1 It helps keep joints healthy by absorbing fluid into the connective tissue, and blocking enzymes that break down cartilage.4 This dietary supplement is commonly taken in conjunction with glucosamine and may help support joint flexibility.4

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to greatly benefit the body in a number of ways,5 by supporting the growth and restoration of tissues in your body. Vitamin C also helps form collagen,is an important protein that makes tendons and ligaments, and it is necessary for repairing cartilage.5 Vitamin C is also valued for its antioxidant properties.6


Turmeric is a relative of ginger known for its deep yellow-gold color and its flavor in cooking, and its nutritional value.7 The major component of turmeric is a natural compound known as curcumin, which has antioxidant properties.7

Dietary supplements may be one of many tools to support your mobility and flexibility. To learn more on this and related topics, please visit the Dietary Supplements from Voltaren product page..

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