The Joy of Paula

How Paula Abdul overcame her arthritis pain—to feel the joy of movement

Paula Abdul stretching in studio

Feeling the Joy of Movement

Through a combination of self-care, self-love, music, and Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, Paula has been overcoming pain. Now that she’s feeling the joy of movement, Paula’s inspiring others to do the same—by hosting a customized Pandora station full of her favorite feel-good, upbeat tracks.
Watch Paula inspire others to feel the joy of movement.

VO: I’m a performer.

Text: Voltaren Arthritis Pain

Text: Paula Abdul 1989

VO: Always have been.

VO: And always will be.

Text: Paula Abdul 2020

VO: Never letting anything get in my way.

VO: Not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head.

VO: And certainly not arthritis.

VO: Voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.

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VO: And it can help you too.

VO: Feel the joy of movement with Voltaren.

Text: Feel the joy of movement.

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Pop Superstar, Arthritis Patient

Worldwide sensation Paula Abdul is best known as a music superstar, transforming her passions for dance, singing and choreography into a longstanding, award-winning career. But something that fans may not know about Paula is that she suffers from arthritis.

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I spent many years

[where my body was]

in pain.”

Paula Abdul

Pushing Through the Pain

For years, Paula—using music as motivation—pushed through her arthritis pain because she was unwilling to give up the one thing she loves to do more than anything else: dance.

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Great music inspires me to get moving.”

Paula Abdul

Finding Relief

Eventually, Paula started seeing her doctor to help manage her arthritis pain—and was introduced to Voltaren. Now, the performer uses Voltaren to treat the discomfort in her toes, fingers and knees, favoring it over other products that simply mask or numb the pain.

Although it’s been decades since her dancing debut, Paula’s moving and performing the way she wants—just like she used to. Now that’s a superstar.

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My arthritis doesn’t stop me from doing what I love.

Paula Abdul

Music That Moves Me

The Pandora station with tracks to get you moving— hand-picked by Paula Abdul. 

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